Dreamland/ Dylan and Shannon '17

It's always a good time when I'm able to catch up with Dylan and Shannon. It's constant laughs, loads of candid photos and just all around good times. This passed week, I found out that Dylan and her boyfriend were moving out of this beautiful place and she wanted one last shoot in it. I kid you not, this place is a photographer's paradise. On top of the place being beautiful, Dylan also has an extensive wardrobe. She pulled out this pink dress and I quickly said "yes". The first thought I had was the plethora of flowers in the front yard.

I've been feeling in a little bit of a creative rut so I brought the close up and fog filter I picked up from a thrift shop the first time I flew to Portland, Oregon. It gives this hazy and dreamlike effect I was looking for in these photos and it did it's job.

Models: Dylan Muller and Shannon Gallagher