Grand Central Girl/ Christy '17

I could go on and on about how much I love New York City, especially the old parts. Since coming to Grand Central Station a few months ago, I just had to do a photoshoot in it, but also fit the vibe I felt it gave me. The first thing that came into mind was the 20's(I've always been a fan of the roaring 20's) and how NYC was such a hub for immigration and manufacturing.

It's also feeling like every time I have a shoot planned, it rains. Not saying that's a problem. Going back and forth to Oregon, I'm completely used to it by now.

Christy and I hadn't shot since the summer but she was the first person that came to mind when I thought of making this look a reality. She showed up with exactly the kinds of clothes for the vibe and we got to snapping photos. We started off at the entrance of the terminal, and then made our way to the main concourse, what Grand Central is most known for.

After that, we bought a newspaper, yeah, people still do that, and headed to where the train schedules were. What I loved most about the terminal was all the gold and marble accents. New York, you'll always be one of my favorite places but your old parts will always be the most interesting to me.

Model: Christy Soeder