I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Philadelphia and Pacific Northwest. I am a human who eats way too much pizza, loses count of how many cups of coffee I drink on a daily basis, have been stuck on a skateboard for the past thirteen years and have recently gotten into snowboarding a few winters back. I date the most incredible girl I’ve ever met(she’s also a photographer! Check her out) and we travel extremely often creating memories with amazing couples who are now our friends.

I’ve been photographing weddings for four years now and each one has surrounded me with endless love and happiness, and tons of amazing food…. Oh yeah.. I’m a major foodie.

I’m not one for posed photos, because let’s be honest here, they suck. I want you to look like yourselves in photos, not a plastic doll. I’m for capturing the uniqueness of the two of you. Have an inside joke? Whisper that in her ear. Have a really embarrassing laugh? Let me hear it. I want to capture who you really are.

I don’t want you to feel like I’m there. Well maybe when you guys are holding hands with the largest smiles on your faces while I’m speed walking backwards trying not to trip over something. I want to capture that intimacy only you have. The way your eyes shimmer as you look at each other, the way he rubs your back, or the way she nuzzles into you.

I want to capture your uniqueness, because there’s only one you. Let me hear your story and let’s create some magic.