A Rainy Day with Friends

I learned a lot this week. Not only to not slack on things, but to get my butt up from being lazy. With the seasons changing, the weather getting colder and it getting dark earlier, I found myself losing motivation and just sapping until summer comes along again. This industry and any creative field's success is dictated by how much effort you put in and I felt like I was getting lazy and it scared me. This came into my head at 2am the other morning and it made me upset that I let it get to that point. Nights of staying up super late and not exactly knowing why and then waking up at 1pm to do nothing during the day. That's not me and it will never be me. At that moment, I set my alarm for 8:45am and made it a priority to do something productive. I texted @kattwilkins. She said she was meeting up with @selaleanapa@austinw.photo and then @shanngallagher tagged along in Mount Laurel. We had some good coffee and then headed out. It rained all day which made for the softest light I've seen since I came back from Portland. Today got my off my little lazy streak and I don't want to end up like that again. Moral of the story, don't be lazy because dreams were never turned into realities by slacking.