My Approach


WHat should you expect?

I do things a little differently. My photos are heavily based on each moment that the both of you have. The nose nuzzle, that tickle you just snuck in etc. Those are the moments that really tell your story and the love you both have.

Every inquiry begins with a phone call. Emailing and calling are two totally different things and I want to make sure we both connect on an emotional level before we go ahead with anything. This is way more than just taking photos.


The key with anything is trust. When we’re together, I want to capture all of little quirks. 99% of my couples say they’re awkward in front of a camera, and then proceed to apologize. Most people haven’t had professional photos taken of themselves and that’s okay! It’s completely normal to feel a little uneasy before a session, my main focus is making sure you have a good time.



You’ve probably never booked a wedding photographer and this is all new to you. I’ve been to 100’s of weddings and have come to know the “do’s” and “don’ts”, how to save money, make the most of your day and prepare you beforehand. I’m happy to help with anything you may have questions about.


The Memories

Wedding photography is so much more than taking photographs. It’s the memories you’ll hold on to for the rest of your life. The only thing you have to hold onto after the wedding are the photos, that only increase in value over time. I’ve had way too many couples regret going cheap with their wedding photographer, only later to regret it.