Vermont/ January 2016

These little trips are always so fun.  To go out to some place you've never been for the sole purpose of taking photos. This time it was Shannon, Anna, Liz and myself. We started our journey up to Vermont early in the morning. In the list, it was pretty clear about not having any cell service, and they weren't kidding. Once we got about fifteen minutes from where we were staying, cell service cut out. It was really nice being off the grid for a little bit since phones have made us sort of anti-social. It was dark when we arrived so we unpacked and I ended up taking a nap since I drove most of the way up. I woke up to Liz shooting Anna and Shannon downstairs so I headed down the stairs to check out how that was going. Once they were done shooting down there,  we headed up stairs and ended up finding a puzzle in a chest. Shannon had an upset stomach so she was laying in bed so I jumped on the chest and took some bloopers, usually how my photos end up with her.

We started putting together the puzzle we found in the chest, but then we decided to use it for a shoot idea.

After that, we went to bed and woke up super early. We wanted to shoot at sunrise because the view off the back deck was gorgeous. It ended up being pretty cloudy so it wasn't exactly an elaborate sunrise, but nonetheless still beautiful.

When the sunset was pretty much over, the amount of light coming through the windows was incredible. Shannon received a shirt from One Night Stand clothing, with each shirt sold, they provide a meal through their Australian partner, Ozharvest plus they donate 50% of their profits to go towards funding projects and employment opportunities for homeless youth.

Since we started so early in the morning, we had the rest of the day to explore. We drove off the mountain and just picked a direction and headed that way.

It started snowing so we were forced to come home a day early since Shannon's SUV wasn't that great in the snow but not before we found one last spot outside. We had some clothing from our homies over at Northeast Collective so we obviously had to frolic in the snow.

Once we got back to the cabin, we packed up and ended up getting one last set in. I submitted this set to a publication so I can't share a bunch of it.

For this being my first time in Vermont, it was a beautiful. Definitely looking forward to getting back up there to play in the snow and shoot more photos.