Toly + Milanka/ Mount Tammany Couples Session

By some stretch of nature, I had a Friday off in the middle of wedding season... so I made the most of it. The Delaware Water Gap is one of my favorite places to go in my free time, and this time I brought Toly and Milanka to do some hiking up Mount Tammany and take photos. Our main goal was to get to the swimming hole on the Blue Dot trail, but took the Red Dot trail to start off and didn't get anywhere close to that swimming hole.

At first we just kept climbing, higher and higher. We arrived at the first overlook and they were both in awe. It was crazy to think so many people flying by in their cars and we were up there enjoying the view.

It was super humid and by the time we were done at the first overlook, we were pouring sweat and just awaiting to feel the cold water on our bodies, and cold it was. As soon as we stuck our toes in the crystal clear water, they went numb almost instantly. We heard the roaring of the small waterfall behind us and could feel the cold breeze coming off the water. I'll never forget how beautiful this area is in New Jersey.