Mike + Erica/ Island Beach State Park Engagement

I've known Michael since the beginning of eighth grade, the first conversation started because I noticed he had ripped up shoes from skateboarding, just like I did. We started skating together ever since that week and have been best friends ever since. I always considered him the closest to being a brother without actually being related.

I haven't known Erica for that long, but the love these two share is incredible. When you have a best friend and a girl comes into the picture, you want your friend to be happy, and make sure they're in good hands. When Mike told me he was going to propose, I saw the genuine love he had for Erica and I told him she's the only girl that deserved his love.

The whole idea was he'd pick her up on a motorcycle and head to the beach, because she had always wanted to do that. She had also said that they didn't have any couple photos, and that's where I come in. We had to keep her on the idea that this was going to be a normal couples shoot, but Mike had the ring in the pocket of the blazer he was wearing. We then headed to Island Beach State Park. We'd go throughout the whole day taking photos so her mind would get off getting proposed to. When we saw the sun starting to set, we headed to the place where their first date was, Assunpink Lake, where Mike would propose to her, and the rest was history.

Michael, you're practically my brother and I wish you a lifetime of happiness with your soon to be wife, Erica.