Hurricanes and Coasts/ Brielle

These past few weeks have been crazy and I haven't had the chance to blog any of the new work I've been doing. I've been reading a bunch and remembering how much I used to love writing so this post is going to be a little bit longer than the usual ones. With New Jersey under a hurricane warning, there wasn't that many people on the road. An even smaller amount heading to the beach. As I watched the dark clouds, the only thing I could think of was driving to the coast and shooting. Crazy? I don't think so. With tons of adrenaline, I shot Brielle a text hoping she was free. Within the hour, she responded saying she wasn't doing anything. Sending over the idea of heading to the coast in the storm, she was all for it. Crossing over the bridge into Sea Bright, we saw how rough the surf was, which only made us even more hyped. People out kite surfing on the left, rough surf on the right, I'll admit that I was a little nervous but it didn't stop me from driving more down the shore. Now Brielle and I have shot in Sandy Hook before but not in a storm. As we passed the toll, we pulled over at a parking lot we'd never stopped at before. We just wanted to see how rough the surf was. Walking up, seeing all these huge rocks put us in heaven. This was literally the perfect scenario that could have happened to us.  

Model: Brielle

With a very small amount of people walking down the beach, it felt like we were in another world and I had never felt more at peace. Dark skies, a slight drizzle and crashing waves could have been more perfect.

As we said farewell to the beach, we headed more north to Gateway park which has some more rocks that we could shoot on. Brielle and I turn around to head back to the car and my jaw dropped at the sunset that night.

Watching the sunlight wither away, we decided to call it, still in awe of that sunset. There's some moments where you have to take chances that you aren't totally comfortable with doing. Getting closer to the water, I even opened my windows at the red light to see how windy it was... very. I even got hit in the back with my door when I turned around. This was one of my favorite trips ever to Sandy Hook and the next storm, you'll definitely find me by the water.