Run As Fast As You Can/ Shannon '16

This has to be one of the hardest sets to choose my favorite ten images. The trip up there was literally like a dream. Shannon and I didn't even plan on driving all the way up to Bear Mountain, NY. Our original plan was to drive to the Palisades Park in NJ, but when the GPS dropped us off in a field, we made the quick decision to keep driving north. Initially stopping at Hook mountain state park, we remembered seeing the exit for Bear... not looking at how many miles it said on the sign. Hook was already a little over an hour north of me, and when we looked up Bear, that was another hour. We made the choice to drive more north. Although I've shot here before, this was nothing like my past shoot. It was cold, down pouring, and we were losing light fast. Once there, the gate to the overlook tower was closed but there was this cloud that was gradually moving down the mountain. This became our only option so we pulled over on the side of the road, not really any shoulder to make sure my car didn't get it and started snapping away chasing the cloud. I'm not sure about the elevation at this point of the road, but there were no guardrails and visibility was absolute zero. If this is the closest I ever get to feeling like I'm in a dream, I'm completely fine with that. 

Mode: Shannon Gallagher