Days with Shannon and Anna/ '16

This week really got me out of my slump of not doing anything. This time I headed down to Anna's by the shore for a full day of shooting. We started off at the window because of the warmth and the sun was shining directly into it which made for incredible light flares. We then headed outside because we had to shoot some photos for Daniel Wellington watches. After that, we got numb from the cold wind and I spotted Shannon sitting behind the front door in the warm sunshine, and as I turned around we knocked out a whole set. We had some plans for other locations but never made it there but did end up at Conover's Farm which sells Christmas trees. I know that is sort of crazy because Anna wore that dress the whole time. Coming home and getting inside numb once again, we ran downstairs to the wood burning stove and regained feeling in our bodies. This day was a total mashup of a bunch of small sets that could be made into their own blog posts and I'm really feeling doing day in the life posts as opposed to their own sets.

Models: Shannon and Anna