2016 Year in Review/ The Year I Got My Footing

This year was a lot. A lot of sleepless nights, thousands upon thousands of images, over 6,000 miles traveled, and going completely portable. Thank you to all the people who came into my life this year and made this all possible. Since I don't really know how to break this down too much, I'll share some personal moments over these insane twelve months.


January was an insane way to kick off the year. Right off the bat, a Norwegian watch brand Andreas Ingeman contacted me to shoot some of their promo content. We got some wicked snow and then I head up north to my first but not last trip to Vermont.

Model: Shannon Gallagher/ Blog Post


February was a short one. We had quite a bit of snow and then Jersey decided to be summer. I had the opportunity to capture Jeremy and Jenny's engagement at Grounds for Sculpture and caught up with my good friend Ashley Nicole.

Model: Ashley Nicole/ Blog Post


March started to pick up steam with it now getting warmer. It began with commissioned work with Free People, catching up with my friend Danielle and shooting Hannah in Orlando, FL.

Model: Hannah/ Blog Post


April I started shooting more fashion work, starting in New York City, then a sunrise shoot in Sandy Hook, hiking/ meeting Doug Polle and then meeting Alexis in Seaside to shoot her insane Free People overalls.

Model: Alexis Monica


As you can see, May started off dark and moody. With the long winter, my mind just tends to think that way. After Shannon and I shot in a cloud at Bear Mountain, the weather seemed to get perfect so I headed up to Coney Island and met my new friend Anna and also did some work for Levi's.

Model: Shannon Gallagher


June is where my life took a drastic turn. Talking to a girl that I met over Instagram for over six months, June was the month that we finally met. I got on a plane and flew out to Oregon. When I got back, I headed to the beach and didn't seem to leave.

Model: Megan


In the middle of the summer, I hosted a meet up in Ocean City for one of my friends who was moving to Georgia. After that, Shannon and I drove three and a half hours to Montauk, NY and then to the carnival with Brielle. Then ended the month partying with Jon and Viviana.

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August started off with driving to Long Beach Island for the 100th time, then headed back down there to shoot for Joah Brown at 5:30am, shot some young love in New Castle, DE and then Hanna flew out to the east coast for the first time. We headed up to Toronto to see Niagara and roamed downtown.

Model: Hanna/ Blog Post


New Jersey doesn't really get hurricanes but we managed to get one to come close to the coast, soooo I headed into it. September I started shooting doubles, which I've never done before which really helped with weddings. Then I was the second photographer for Dennis Pike and we got into some abandoned buildings... legally.

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October was unnaturally warm for this time of year. It started off with shooting one of the best weddings I had ever been to, then heading into the mountains in overcast weather which had always been my dream to do, a spontaneous three hour road trip to Delaware to shoot Alex, shot a wedding and then flew out to Oregon for two weeks and ended up in Vancouver. 

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Continuing with the abnormally warm weather, Shannon and I shot some work for Daniel Wellington watches, made my way to Doyer's St. in Chinatown which had always been my dream and then Anna and I ran away from cold winds.

Model: Anna/ Blog Post


I didn't feel the holidays come up at all. Like they came really fast. Chelsea was in town and contacted me through Instagram, then Dylan and I shot some cozy stuff for Free People, danced the night away in Maryland and then saw the Christmas light show at Longwood Gardens.