Christy in Chinatown/ '16

It's currently 1:58 AM in New Jersey right now and I'm not totally sure why I'm awake but today was just too good. Christy and I had never met before this afternoon but we both agreed that Chinatown would be the perfect area to shoot in. We met up at NY Penn after I finished my cretzel, which by the way is pretty good, just have water close by, and got on the subway towards the Canal St. station. As soon as I stepped off the train, I felt like I was in a different world.

Model: Christy Soeder

Doyer's St. has been on my list of locations to shoot at so we made our way toward there. I've seen so many photos of this street and always wanted to check it out. Doyer's St. which is located in Chinatown, NYC has been known through history to be America's bloodiest street. In the early 1900's, between gang violence, had the most murders than any other street in the states. This little 200 ft long street has gotten the name "Bloody Angle" because of the bend in the middle of it ever since then.

After we decided we were done on Doyer's, the neighborhood was just too cool not to leave so we took every turn onto roads that looked cool.

I'll admit, we didn't really have locations planned for this shoot but while on the train there, I found photos of the NoHo hotel, which has a lit walkway that we both thought was super neat.

After NoHo, we really didn't have a location in mind. We just decided to chase wherever the sun was going. While walking aimlessly, the sun was shining directly on this spot, and being about chest high, it was a stretch for Christy to hop up there but she was a trooper and got up there.

This is where we called it because Christy had to head to work but it's always really neat exploring new neighborhoods. Chinatown, you're beautiful in so many different ways.