Into The Mountains/ Brielle

Everyone needs a little adventure. With me, it's a little more than usual. I feel at home when I'm on the road and in places I had never been. Since coming back from the Pacific Northwest and being in awe of that region, it's been my dream to get a shoot that brought the same vibes that I got when I was looking into those mountains. I had texted Brielle about a week before this to see if she was free to head up the Delaware water gap to explore. A couple days before, the forecast changed to overcast and rain, and I couldn't have been more excited. Being two hours from my house, I thought this was the closest I could get to those "PNW" vibes that I had felt in June. We left the house at around 10:30am and headed into the mountains. Not even realizing my GPS set to the Pennsylvania side, I went further than I did when I hiked Mount Tammany but this was such a good mistake. We had to pay the toll to turn around but as we were driving, I saw a road go up mountain, so we decided to take it and see where it led. About halfway up, it opened up to this overlook. Surprisingly there wasn't a massive drop right behind the wall so we were able to shoot behind it too.

Model is Brielle

After we were done with the overlook and taking in the view, we headed more up to the road. Now I've seen the Point of Gap Overlook on Instagram many times but it was funny that we got here by complete accident. Pulling into the parking lot and watching the people eye the gap, we got to shooting right away. The photos do it absolutely no justice to how big the gap is.

Going around the bend before the parking lot, there was a massive rock wall where we wanted to shoot in front of. Crossing the road, we heard the train coming and normally I'd say get away from it, but this one was going very slow so we were able to get multiple angles while it passed.

It wasn't too late by this point so we didn't really have the intentions on going home. We drove a little more up the road but it started to lead us away from the mountains. Looking at our navigation, we were only a half hour from Bushkill Falls. My parents went here before I was born and would always tell me I had to go there and experience it for myself, so we headed there. As soon as you pay admission, it's only a short hike to the main falls.

Everything wraps around in the park, but there's so so much to shoot here. This was our best attempts at avoiding the crowds of tourists.

Nothing was planned for this trip besides shooting in this area, and sometimes we have to do that. We have to drive out to a place and just get lost. It's so good for the soul. Now Brielle and I have spots to visit that aren't loaded with tourists but have stunning views. Get into your car, hop on a train, ride a bike... whatever mode of transportation you have. Go get lost.