Hanna and I/ Cape May and Ocean City, NJ/ August 2016

The day before leaving for Toronto, Hanna and I wanted to have a relaxing day. We ended up sleeping late due to being so exhausted from NYC the night before and headed down to Cape May mid day. I wanted to show her my favorite peanut butter place in the whole world, Cape May peanut butter co. After the half hour or so it took us to decide what kind of PB&J we were getting, we headed to the beach to chow down. There's a reason why there's no photos of that.... they're way too good and I didn't have the self control to take a photo of them.

After finishing up on the beach, we roamed the town. With the sun setting, the light on every single house was amazing. Cape May has some of the cutest houses I've ever seen.

The Cape May Sweet House really caught my eye because it has tons of color. The scent of sugar was intoxicating and it was hard not to buy anything.

I think I'm gonna see where they got this floor and put it in my bedroom.

Chasing the sunset, we headed down to Ocean City, NJ. By the time Hanna and I got there, it was already dark but the light coming from the boardwalk made it almost day like. Racing back to the water, Hanna dropped her first ever Churro. It was a slow motion fall, we watched it fly through the air and land on the wood plank of the boardwalk.

We've never rode a ferris wheel together so we made it happen. When I mentioned that we should go on it, Hanna said she had never rode one before. Baffled, we ran over and bought the ticket to get on. She wasn't fond of the height and I may have shaken the seat a little bit but it was so adorable.

After the ferris wheel ride, we decided to call it and head home. We packed the car of all the stuff we'd need for Toronto and jumped on the highway first thing in the morning to embark on our first road trip together.