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I've never been good with introductions but I'm gonna try my best with this one. I've been photographing people for about six years. There was just something about it that intrigued me. It all started when one of my childhood friends wanted to get into modeling and me sneaking my dad's camera out the front door. Being around skateboarding all my life, I saw the raw emotions that came from pushing ourselves and it naturally led to wanting to take photos of those emotions. Fast forward six years and that's what I'm still trying to do. I want to capture the raw emotion of people. Whether it be a lifestyle shoot where we're both having a blast to a groom balling his eyes out seeing his bride for the first time, those are the moments that get to me. Photographs are more than just a photo to me. It's to go back to a time where all those raw emotions were coming out at the same time. I believe clients are more than just a monetary transaction so a consultation will be more than just a meeting. I'm a very laid back person, so if you'd like to set something up,  shoot me an email or fill out my wedding contact form and we can meet up, grab coffee and talk about making something you can cherish.